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  • Zymzo box

    • Why should I order Zymzo box?

      "The answer is simple. Because you will save TIME! You don’t have to go to a drugstore or perfumery, where everything already smells from all the perfumes and other cosmetics and it happens that you buy a perfume which has completely different scent back at home. At home in your own environment on you skin it is much easier to test the perfume. Not just on a piece of paper in the drugstore where you never get the real scent of the perfume you’re buying. It is also the way to save a lot of MONEY which you would spend if you bought the perfume which you don’t even like anymore when you come back home. You can test new fragrances every month with us... because it is a shame, let's be honest, that we all know just a few of them! Above all, you can order it so that you will enter the world of beautiful fragrances and you won’t hold on to the same perfume for several years ... Just because can not afford different perfumes! Try new fragrances, because maybe the one you have at home, does not suit you anymore. Check also: Why Zymzo Try new, different premium fragrances each month and then decide for your favorite which fits you perfectly! You can also change your fragrance from season to season and even for different part of the day. PLUS - you will never again have to buy expensive perfume in the drugstore, because Zymzo box THE TRIPLEX will be enough for a whole month, until the next package in your mailbox... while you learn about three new premium fragrances every month! If you use your perfume more often or you will fall in love in one of ZYMZO premium perfumes, you can buy it in our ZYMZO SHOP and get an excellent price, depending on your loyalty. Attention: members who have been with us at least 4, 6 or 12 months, receive their favorite 100 ml perfume up to 80% cheaper! " Choose your Zymzo box
    • Is Zymzo box for MEN and WOMEN?

      Of course. Men will get the best EDT premium perfumes and women will choose from EDP premium perfumes. Gift box is also different fro HER and for HIM. Take a look here: Choose your Zymzo box
    • How many perfumes will I receive each month?

      You can get one, two or three premium perfumes each month. For easier understanding of the difference between the packages, we named them THE HUMBLE ONE (one perfume a month), THE SHY DUET (two perfumes a month) and THE TRIPLE X (every month three new perfumes). Remember that the female's perfumes are EDP & nbsp; and the fragrances are an upgrade of the world's premium fragrances. Men’s perfumes are EDT. Become the Zymzonista now and be always fresh and different! You get the first package completely free, including free shipping worldwide! Need more reasons? Choose your Zymzo box

    • How many days does one perfume from Zymzo box last?

      This is really hard to say since we don’t know how many times you apply your perfume in one day and how much perfume do you usually spray on yourself. Some of us spray it all over the body and on clothes, others spray it only on their neck. We can say, that you can spray one perfume from Zymzo box approximately 44 times. Check it yourself! Order your Zymzo box and get your first for FREE! Then you’ll know which of our Zymzo boxes you need for yourself, depending on your 'perfume spraying style'. You can change your Zymzo package at any time, and order bigger or smaller one. Be careful - perfumes are only for your external use. You can order your Zymzo box here: Choose your Zymzo box; check also: Why Zymzo
    • Are your perfumes copies of the already known perfumes which we can find in stores?

      Absolutely not. Zymzo premium perfumes are unique perfumes of the brand name Zymzo and upgraded premium global fragrances. Each fragrance also has a unique name. Choose your Zymzo box
    • Do you test your perfumes on animals?

      No! We do not test on animals at any point of our production. We only test our perfumes on our staff ツ We have all the quality certificates of the highest global standards needed for the cosmetics production. Since we love all living creatures, and half of our team are vegans, we’ve found the best perfumes for you, which are an upgrade of premium global fragrances.
    • What kind of fragrances will I get in my Zymzo box? Sweet, fresh, oriental, natural or intense?

      In Zymzo boxu you will find different world premium perfumes each month. This is the only way to test and try new scents. If you choose Zymzo box THE TRIPLE X with three perfumes, you will test and try three completely different scents each month. So we offer only the best. When you’ll find the right and proper one for you, for every season and time of day, you can create your own package and also buy your favorite in bigger bottle in Zymzo shop. Check also: Why Zymzo. Become ZYMZONIST/A! Start playing with exciting scents! Choose your Zymzo box
    • Will I have an opportunity to buy perfumes, which I will like the most, in bigger size/bottle, like 100ml?

      Yes. ZYMZO SHOP is coming soon. You'll find every perfume from Zymzo box also in our Zymzo SHOP. You just find it and order it. DON'T FORGET! Those Zymzo members with 4, 6 or 12 months subscription (without pause), will have a chance to buy those favourites with up to 80% discount with free worldwide shipping. Amazing right? This is the way to get the perfume which you've already sprayed on yourself and you've liked it. We appreciate our Zymzo members and your loyalty and we will always have special offers for you.
    • Can I monthly receive less premium perfumes?

      Of course. You can choose your Zymzo box: if you want to try several different premium perfumes, then choose THE TRIPLE X and receive three (always different) fragrances each month. If you would like to know two different premium fragrances each month, select DUET THE SHY. But for some of you may be enough THE HUMBLE ONE, where you will monthly receive one new premium perfume - of course, every month different fragrance. But remember: Zyzmo provides different fragrances every month. You will get different fragrances suitable for all the seasons and even time of day or night! With Zymzo you will have your favorite perfume always at hand: in your purse, handbag, when traveling, in the gym bag, your office drawer and elsewhere ... be innovative ツ Choose your Zymzo box

    • Can I buy anything else beside perfume?

      Yes, you can. Tell us about your favourite perfumes: Zymzo shop is coming soon where you can choose the perfumes you liked best in your Zymzo box. You will be then able to buy you favourites in bigger quantities (100ml). Zymzonistas with 4, 6 or 12 months subscription (without pause), will have a chance to buy those favourites with up to 80% discount. In Zymzo shop you'll also find other best cosmetic products! And don't forget. Our perfumes are not animal tested!
    • Where are Zymzo perfumes manufactured? Are they safe to use?

      Zymzo perfumes are produced in a large, modern laboratory in the EU (Germany). The entire team of laboratory assistants has developed and improved the formula of world-famous perfumes and made the perfect Zymzo EDP and EDT's, which are safe, not tested on animals and have all the necessary certificates of CE quality.
    • Can I buy bigger premium perfumes based on your subscription?

      Yes. Our members get them with 60 - 80% discount, compared to non members. Of course also non members can buy bigger perfumes on our site, but they pay the full price.
    • I have never heard about Zymzo brand before and I don't know what kind of perfumes will I get. Can you tell me more?

      Of course! Premium Zymzo perfumes are upgraded fragrances of already known world perfumes, so Zymzo perfumes are the right choice for you. At the beginning you'll probably learn about different fragrances and then you can decide for those who are your favorites and also make your own customized Zymzo box of your favorites. You will also be able to buy those favorites in bigger size/bottle (100ml) in our ZYMZO SHOP. Female Zymzo perfumes are EDP which means they are better and last longer then usual perfumes. Why Zymzo?
    • How to properly use Zymzo perfume?

      We always apply perfume on clean skin. We recommend you to apply it on your neck and/or wrist. Do not spray it on your clothes. And don't forget - perfumes are only for your external use.
    • Is Zymzo perfume the same as any other perfume?

      Absolutely not. Zymzo EDP and EDT have been developed in laboratories for several years in order to upgrade the most popular world fragrances. And we are always adding new ones. We have a lot of them so you can try new trendy premium perfumes every month and find the perfect one for yourself... Or more of them! This was the reason why we have set up Zymzo. You’ll get your Zymzo box in your mailbox in a beautiful gift box. Are you still hesitating? Choose your Zymzo box and become Zymzonista!
    • Do you use the same formulas as are used in other perfumes?

      The base is the same, of course, taken from nature, which offers thousands outstanding natural scents. However Zymzo recipe for EDP (Women's Perfume) is upgraded, longer-lasting and has a stronger fragrance. It is also unique. Quality is our priority. Perfumes have not been tested on animals and have all the necessary quality certificates.
    • Is Zymzo safe also for the sensitive skin?

      Of course. However, because the infinite types of skins, be careful at the first application, especially if you have specific skin problems or medical condition. Also use the perfume according to the rules and do not apply it on your clothes.
    • What are the main ingredients in Zymzo perfumes and what function do they have?

      Zymzo premium perfumes are divided into a lot of families, and ingredients within the families. All our members have access to the main perfume ingredients in each received Zymzo box.
    • Do I have to know anything else?

      Our Zymzonista Ally believes that with Zymzo you will be more successful at work, in the society, company of other people, at the meeting, in the gym, on the plane ... well, wherever you will be. Why? Because you will always be fresh and you will be able to smell yourself. You will always be prepared. Your self-confidence will affect your appearance and you will become more efficient and also look prettier. You don’t believe me? Our Lia who is a trainer and motivator by profession told us that it is scientifically proven that a stronger self-confidence brings success in all areas of your life! Choose your Zymzo box and join the big family of satisfied Zymzonistas!
  • Subscription

    • How do I get a totally FREE subscription and free Zymzo Box each month?

      This can be done very easily! Recommend us to your friends and if your friends will sign up, you will receive your Zymzo box for FREE (with the following month). And if more of them will become our members,you will be getting your free Zymzo box as long as your new friends will be subscribing! Invite your friends and get Zymzo boxes FREE!
    • How it works and what does ZYMZO subscription mean for me?

      It is really simple. Register on our website and create your account . Then select the package (Subscription) that you want to receive each month (with free delivery). If you are a big consumer of fragrances, select the largest package (The Triple X), for regular use choose middle package (The Shy Duet) or the smallest package for occasional use only (The Humble One). Then we will send you the first package absolutely FREE, all of the following packages you will receive once a month directly to your home mailbox - still with free delivery! You can change your chosen package at any time in your profile and also subscriptions can be canceled at any time. Choose your Zymzo box
    • What can I expect from my first package?

      You can expect a totally free first package of premium perfumes and then each month a new package that you have chosen ...directly to your mailbox . New premium perfumes (never doubled), new supply. And you won’t have to worry ever again...always fresh, perfumes, ready. You will save time for shopping and choosing your perfume and also money! Each month you will try new fragrances, which is otherwise impossible in reality. This will help you to find your favorite which will suit you perfectly. Why Zymzo?
    • Can I have more subscriptions with only one profile?

      Yes, you can.
    • How can I change my chosen Zymzo package? I have chosen The Shy Duet package with two premium perfumes, but now I would like to receive three perfumes every month and order The Triple X package?

      Changing your chosen package is easy. Just log in into your profile (choose Subscription) and click »Cancel« by your existing box and than choose and confirm other box. You will get new chosen package with the next delivery.
    • What if I don't want to get new perfumes every month?

      If you don’t use perfume every day, order smaller Zymzo box (The Humble One). You will only get 6 premium perfumes in 6 months and later you can create your own package of your favorite perfumes. Believe us, you will enjoy exciting world of scents, which suit you perfectly. And you will also save time and money. Choose your Zymzo box!
    • What is the policy of canceling my subscription?

      You can cancel your subscription at any time without extra cost. Log in into your profile (Subscription) and click »Cancel«. Please let us know if you have any problems - we will be happy to help you. We would also love to know the reason for your cancelation. Please tell us about it here:
    • How do I get FIRST FREE ZYMZO BOX?

      Register or login and get your first Zymzo box for FREE. Once you've entered all your information and finish with your registration, you already placed an order for your FREE Zymzo box. You'll get your Zymzo box in your mail box very soon - FREE of charge with FREE SHIPPING!
    • Where can I find the my subscription settings?

      The link to your settings will appear in your profile as soon as you will order your first Zymzo box. The link will allow you to cancel your subscription at any time. We would also love to know the reason for your cancelation. Please tell us about it and write to
    • Do I have to pay for subscription?

      No, you don't pay for your membership, you only pay for premium perfumes. And that is not all - even worlwide shipping is FREE!
    • Can I pay you for yearly suply of my Zymzo boxes (so, for 12 months)?

      Yes, you can. This is also the way to save some extra money. Write us:
    • Can I pay with Paypal?

      No, payment with Paypal is not possible. At the moment you can only pay with credit cards MasterCard and Visa.
    • Can I pay with a money order or with my phone?

      Unfortunately not. We only take credit cards MasterCard and Visa.
    • Will I get my free ZYMZO BOX if I unsubscribe first day after my order (after registration for my subscription)?

      No. You get your free box if you’re signed in at least 5 days. In case you unubscribe or cancel your membership in less than 5 days from the registration, you don’t get your last Zymzo box.
  • Payment process

    • How can I get TOTALY FREE SUBSCRIPTION and get Zymzo box EVERY MONTH FOR FREE?

      It’s simple! Tell your friends about us and if your friend register for our subscription, next month you’ll get your box for free. And if more of your friends will register after your recommendation, you’ll get your Zymzo box for FREE for as long as you have new friends registering. And don’t forget: you’ll never get the same fragrance twice! Invite your friends and get your FREE Zymzo boxes!
    • Which payment methods can be used when paying Zymzo subscription?

      You can use your Mastercard or Visa credit card.
    • How do you proceed my payment and is my bank data stored anywhere?

      We proceed your payment same as any other of your paymenths thrue the internet is proceeded.
    • Will you monthly charge the subscription from my credit card?

      Yes, in case you register for the subscription, you credit card will be charged 5th day from the registration. BUT DON'T FORGET: you only pay for premium perfumes in Zymzo box, which you'll get! Subscription and shipping are FREE of charge!
    • Do you have access to my credit card number?

      No, we do not have access to your credit card number or to any other data from your credit card.
    • How do I cancel my monthly credit card payment or subscription?

      Simply. You can do that at any time in your profile which you created with registration. You can also change your Zymzo box (choose smaller, bigger od the biggest) in your profile. Do not forget. Your membership is free of charge. You only pay for chosen premium perfumes. Choose your Zymzo box
    • Can I pay for 12 month supply of my chosen Zymzo boxes (12 Zymzo boxes in 12 months + FIRST FOR FREE)?

      Of course. This is also the way to save extra money. Beside FIRST FREE Zymzo box, you'll get extra discount. Write us:
    • Can I pay with Paypal?

      No, payment with Paypal is not possible.
    • Can I pay with a money order?

      Sorry, you can only pay with credit cards MasterCard and Visa.